Where To Order ‘Lucky’ Dishes For Chinese New Year On February 12

Where To Order ‘Lucky’ Dishes For Chinese New Year On February 12
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With Chinese New Year just three days away, you might be looking for ways to celebrate the occasion with your family. What’s a better way to do that than to eat good food, right? However, preparation might be more difficult this time around because of the changes that happened in the past year. Nonetheless, you can still celebrate the Lunar New Year with authentic Chinese cuisine from these 5 restaurants.

  1. Sincerity Restaurant

    Spring rolls are known to symbolize wealth in Chinese culture and were called such because they are usually eaten during the Spring Festival. Sincerity Restaurant serves Fresh Lumpia (Php 70 each) for prosperity all throughout the year. They also have their best-selling Sincerity Fried Chicken (Php 360 whole) to keep you full and satisfied!

    Sincerity Restaurant is located in Binondo, Manila. To order, contact them through Facebook or Instagram.

  2. Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant

    Who hasn’t eaten at least once at this humble restaurant near Malate Church in Manila? By now you probably miss their bestselling Sipa (Php 150/6 pcs), Inihaw na Pusit (Php 260), Salt and Pepper Spareribs (Php 280) and Yang Chow fried rice (Php Php 300, large). The good news is they are taking orders and you can book a Grab Pabili to deliver the chow to you!

    Wok Inn Chinese Restaurant is located in Malate, Manila. To order, call them at (02) 8526-7744.

  3. Chuan Kee Chinese Fast Food

    Who doesn’t love noodles? Chuan Kee is known as the oldest fast-food restaurant in Binondo, Manila. A bilao of their Miki Bihon only costs Php 560, and they deliver within Metro Manila, too!

    Chuan Kee is located in Binondo, Manila. To order, contact them through Facebook or through their delivery website.

  4. Eng Bee Tin

    Chinese New Year will not be complete without tikoy! Visit any of their branches or preorder for pick-up or delivery so you can still satisfy your tikoy cravings! Try their new flavors: Dulce de Leche Tikoy, Cheese Tikoy, or, if you’re looking for a savory twist to this favorite, Chorizo Tikoy.

    Eng Bee Tin is located in Binondo, Manila. To order, contact them through their website.

  5. Ying Ying Tea House

Chinese food is almost synonymous to dimsum, and if you're looking to have some for Chinese New Year, you gotta have it from Ying Ying. Get your fill of Pork Shrimp Siomai (Php 95/4 pcs), Shaolong Bao (Php 95/4 pcs), Chicken Feet (Php 90), Hakao (Php 100), or Asado Pao (Php 90) for that authentic Chinese flavor.

Ying Ying is located in Binondo, Manila. To order, message them on Viber at 0926-6456125. They are open for take-out, delivery, and pick-up.


According to Chinese culture, the following food are considered to bring you luck and prosperity!

  1. Chinese Dumplings

    For more than a thousand years, dumplings have been a staple during Chinese New Year’s Eve. It is a widely known belief that the more dumplings you eat in the New Year, the more money you are going to receive.

  2. Glutinous Rice Cake

    The glutinous rice cake, widely known as tikoy, is also traditionally eaten during Chinese New Year’s Eve. Made from sticky rice, chestnuts, sugar, lotus leaves, and Chinese dates, tikoy is believed to bring forth a higher income or position to a person in the year ahead.

  3. Longevity Noodles

    Since 4,000 years ago, noodles can never go missing in any occasion in the Chinese culture. They are known to symbolize long life, and it is considered unlucky to cut a strand. Noodles can be boiled and served with their broth or fried and served with some sauce.

  4. White Cut Chicken

    In the Chinese culture, serving a whole chicken is a symbol of wholeness and prosperity. To prepare this dish, the chicken is simmered and then left to soak in its broth for several hours to preserve its flavor and texture.

  5. Fish

    The word “fish” in Chinese is pronounced as “yu”, which sounds like the Chinese words for “abundance”. Therefore, eating fish during Lunar New Year has become a tradition. However, there are a few rules with how the fish should be served:

    • The fish should be served whole, with the head and tail still attached.
    • The head should be placed towards elders to show respect.
    • The fish should not be moved, and those who are facing the head and tail of the fish should drink together, as this is believed to be lucky.
    • Guests can only enjoy the fish once the one who is faced with the head has eaten already.

Now, you’re just a few clicks or call away from enjoying the most delicious feast! May you spend this occasion with your loved ones, and may you have an abundant Year of the Ox!

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