Work-from-home Is Here To Stay: 9 Items To Make Your Workstation At Home More Efficient

Work-from-home Is Here To Stay: 9 Items To Make Your Workstation At Home More Efficient
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A year into the pandemic, and there still doesn’t seem to be a clear indication of when everything might be back to the way life was before COVID-19.

A report by Bloomberg predicts, “With vaccinations happening more rapidly in richer Western countries than the rest of the globe, it will take the world as a whole seven years at the current pace.”

If that is correct, then we can all look forward to more of the same in our daily lives. If, like many, you are on a work-from-home setup, you may want to spruce up your office area to make it more comfortable and conducive for work, seeing that we might be here for a longer while.

Check out these work area essentials you can order online.

1. Ergonomic Mouse

Aside from your shoulders and back, your wrist and hands can feel strained too in the process. To reduce pain and stiffness, an ergonomic mouse is your best bet.

This wireless vertical mouse allows you to keep your hand, wrist and arms in the most natural position possible to prevent strain. The design may seem a bit unusual, but those who have tried it will affirm that it is truly beneficial and life-changing.

Delux wireless vertical mouse, available for Php 849 on Lazada.

2. Multiple Extension Cord

Because there’s always a shortage of power sockets, here’s a lifesaver for all of us! This tower extension cord has 16 universal gangs, a power switch, and 1.83 meters of cord. With a lightning protector and circuit breaker too, you can keep all your wires organized and within your reach without worrying about your safety.

Omni universal tower extension cord, available for Php 890 on Lazada.

3. Desk Organizer

A cluttered working space affects your mood and muddles up your brain. Organize your desk to keep your workstation efficient!

This wooden desk organizer serves as a mini bookshelf, storage, and display area all in one, without being obtrusive. Its compact size of 35cm (height), 17cm (width) and 61cm (length) and minimalist design makes it both aesthetic and functional.

Adjustable desk storage organizer, available for Php 399 on Lazada.

4. Laptop Stand

Even though sitting up straight brightens up your mood and boost your energy, at times, it is still unavoidable to slouch after spending hours of working and sitting.

Did you know that sitting down in front of your computer for long periods of time could trigger back pain? Blame it on the poor posture or the wrong kind of furniture but do yourself a favor and get a laptop stand if you’re working from home. It helps prevent neck and back pain by drawing your body upwards. It is also portable and easy to store since it only measures 9.4 inches x 1.75 inches when folded.

GOOJODOQ adjustable laptop stand, available for Php 369 on Lazada.

5. Blue Light Eyeglasses

Since working from home entails staring at your computer screen for more or less eight hours on a daily basis, taking care of your eyes should be a top priority.

Blue light lenses help in preventing eyestrain, dry eyes and headache. You can use non-prescription blue light-blocking eyeglasses if you are not an eyeglass wearer. They come in pretty designs as well.

Peculiar blue lens eyewear, available for Php 474.05 on Lazada.

6. Mini Heating Coaster

If you are the type of person who enjoys working while slowly taking sips of hot coffee, then here’s something you might like.

This mini heating coaster has a smart system that can quickly heat and maintain the temperature of your drink. It comes with a touch sensor with three levels of adjustable temperature, and you can use it to heat up not just your coffee mug but your box of milk, tea and water as well. It has a safety feature that automatically shuts off the heating pad after 8 hours, in case you forget to turn it off.

Uareliffe USB mini heating coaster, available for Php 597.80 on Lazada.

7. Humidifier

If you’re prone to allergies or your workspace has dry air, it is best to invest on a humidifier, even the portable ones, to help increase the humidity level in your room.

This electric humidifier also works as an essential oil diffuser to promote body and mind relaxation and improve your everyday mood.

OEM electric air humidifier, available for Php 590 on Lazada.

8. Desk Lamp + Powerbank

This foldable lamp does not only add illumination, it also functions as a power bank, which is convenient especially for unexpected power outages. The battery (6000mAh) can last for up to 12 hours of use, while the light has two levels of brightness.

Omni LED desklamp + powerbank, available for Php 699.75 on Lazada

9. Wi-Fi Repeater

It can be frustrating when you are working from home and your internet connection just won’t cooperate, since this greatly affects your schedule and productivity.

If your current workspace doesn’t have the best signal reception, a Wi-Fi repeater can help boost it even in hard-to-reach spots inside your home. It is easy to use and is manageable through the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi application.

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Wi-Fi repeater pro, available for Php 699 on Lazada.

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