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“Your Job Title Isn’t Everything,” + 11 More Life Lessons From The K-Drama "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha"

“Your Job Title Isn’t Everything,” + 11 More Life Lessons From The K-Drama "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha"
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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” is nearing its end and fans have mixed feelings about this show that is often referred to as a “healing drama. For the last fourteen episodes, not only did it make the viewers laugh and cry, it also taught them valuable life lessons by portraying authentic and relatable stories of regular people in the the village of Gongjin.

Without pre-empting the finale, here are twelve lessons we fans have learned so far from watching #Homecha:

Everyone is fighting his own battles. Always be kind.

The show narrates the different struggles of people behind the happy façade they display. Sometimes, it’s so easy to pass judgment on people we don’t know, but, like everyone else, they also have their own problems to deal with that they will not tell you about. Never judge others and be kind.

Life isn’t fair for everyone. We all have different circumstances.

Privilege and circumstances were also discussed in the drama. Yoon Hye-Jin (Shin Min-A) was quick to conclude that Oh Chun-Jae (Jo Han-Chul) was entirely at fault for not being able to achieve his dreams, but Hong Du-Sik aka Chief Hong (Kim Seon-Ho) spoke the truth that enlightened her.

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Money and success are not the only valuable things in life.

Chief Hong has always expressed this from the start. He believes that sometimes a simple life with love, peace, contentment, and happiness is more important than money and material things.

Your job title isn’t everything.

There are people who think that success always means career progression. It may be fulfilling for some people, but there are others who define success differently. Hye-Jin and her friends were surprised by Dusik’s lifestyle despite graduating from a top university, but he told them that he is happy and content with what he has now.

Hard work should be celebrated too. Grades or rewards are just a bonus.

Many praised Yeo Hwa-Jeong (Lee Bong-Ryun) for her parenting style. In one episode, they were celebrating because her son Yi-Joon (Ki Eun-Yoo) won a contest. During their meal, she told him that they’re not celebrating because he won, but because he worked hard. We need to parent our children with this mindset.

Motherhood is tough.

In this very powerful scene, Ham Yun-Gyeong (Kim Ju-Yeon) was asking her husband Choi Geum-Cheol (Yoon Seok-Hyun) for a little help, and his reaction caused Yun-Gyeong to break down. This episode gives us a glimpse of the sacrifices of a mother, and how challenging it is to be one especially when you’re young and unprepared for it. Kudos to all mothers!

Love triangles don’t have to be toxic.

Love triangles are often a cause for heartbreak among viewers, but Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha was able to portray a healthy relationship between the main male lead Chief Hong and the second lead Ji Seong-Hyeon (Lee Sang-Yi). Sometimes, talking it out is better than fighting over someone. They both just want the best for the girl, anyway. We love stress-free K-dramas!

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Don’t take people for granted.

Sometimes, we only realize the value of someone in our lives when we lose them. The drama tells us to be mindful of the people who move mountains for us, because we’ll regret it when they are gone. We should always be grateful, thoughtful, and honest.

Liking someone from the same gender is not a mental illness.

In the recent episode, they showed how Yo Cho-Hui’s (Hong Ji-Hee) mom reacted when she found out her daughter is in love with a woman. Cho-Hui explained to her that the matter is no one’s fault; not her mom’s, and not hers either.

Everyone has his own threshold of pain (physically and mentally).

Not everyone can handle things the same way. We were all brought up differently and we all have our own traumas. What is easy for us may not be for other people. We all have distinct ways of dealing with our struggles.

Communication is always key.

Whether asking for an apology, confessing our feelings, or dealing with problems, communication is always key. We always have to be transparent with our feelings and we always have to communicate what’s bothering us. This way, people won’t have to guess or assume, and you can both understand each other.

Healing is not linear.

We all heal differently. It’s also never easy to recover from trauma and emotional distress. The show was able to portray how difficult it is to go back to normal when you go through something difficult, no matter how hard we try. We may also sometimes act like we’re okay, but there are days that these memories still hurt. Sometimes the emotions just keep rushing back. No one should be pressured to heal, as it can take a lifetime to do so.

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has indeed imparted a lot of wisdom to its viewers, and we need more episodes! Nevertheless, gomawo #Homecha for all the life lessons you taught us.

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