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Health & Fitness

The OneLife reader values her well-being and is aware that she can do something to protect it, whether it be through exercise, meditation, sensible food choices, continuous learning, relaxation, or with alternative lifestyles or medical intervention.

Personal Finance

The OneLife reader understands she must prepare for the future. She wants to be equipped with the knowledge and habits that will make her hard-earned money work for her.


Who’s the man/woman of the hour? What shows are binge-worthy now? What films can I look forward to seeing? The OneLife reader appreciates them not only for their entertainment value -- these make for good conversation starters, too.

Shopping & Product Reviews

The OneLife reader is the decision-maker at home, and she will not leave any stones unturned before she sets her heart on any purchase. Product reviews from real people and value for money are what she’s looking for.

Food & Drink

The OneLife reader knows good eats like a true Pinoy. Be it comfort food or trendy, local flavor or acquired from other cultures, she’ll want to know -- and try. Needless to say, she’ll spread the word to her circle of friends if she loves it! 

Parenting & Home

The OneLife reader is on the cusp of adulthood, if she isn’t already there. With a young family to care for -- with or without a partner -- and a promising career, she’ll want to know how to keep everything in balance. For her loved ones and herself, nothing but the best will do.

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